Tires: When Do I Need New Ones & What Should I Know About Them?

We all know that our tires are important to traction, and that certain weather conditions might necessitate different tires (looking at you, winter), but if you’re confused about how your tread, wear, and tire selection might affect your performance and you’re wondering when you might need to replace your tires when wear gets too bad, pay attention to this next video! And if you find that you do need some new shoes for your Ford car, SUV, or truck, you can come see us in our Parts Department to have an expert help you pick the perfect set of treads! Not only that, but we can even mount and balance them for you in our Service Center.

Wear & Tear—the True Story

No matter how careful a driver, no matter how infrequently you drive, at some point, all tires experience wear and tear. Having adequate treads on your tires is crucial for maintaining traction, driving safely, and bringing your vehicle to a stop safely. Wondering how you can tell the difference between minor wear and tear and time-to-replace wear and tear? Here are some quick tips and hints:

  • Wear Bars—many tires feature wear bars, or small raised portions within the tread wells. When the wear of the tread is even with the height of a wear bar, that’s a good indication that a replacement might be in order!
  • Penny Test—if you can put a penny “head first” into the tread and still see Lincoln’s head, that’s another good indication that new tires are in your future.
  • Measure It—this might seem simple, but if you’re truly unsure if you have excess or uneven wear and tear, you can measure the tread depth at a few different points on the same tire; if it measures different depths, you’ll know the tire is wearing unevenly. It’s definitely good to rotate the tires in this case, but if the wear is too deep, it may be time to replace. One of our experts can help you figure out which option is in your best interest!

The video above gives you some great pointers for getting the most miles out of your tires and how to check them to make sure they’re safe, but if you’d rather let a professional handle your maintenance work, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our garage to have one of our factory-trained technicians take a look. They’ll assess your tire wear and tear, and if you happen to need new tires, they can help you pick a set that will meet all your driving needs. You can even check in on our Parts Specials to see if there’s a current special or coupon that might net you some extra savings on a new set of tires!


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