What Kind Of Tires Do You Need?

What is the most important part of your car? Engine? Brakes? While all of those are very important parts of your car, tires are not to be forgotten. Without them you wouldn't get very far. But what kind of tires does your vehicle need?

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive and your driving habits will determine what kind of tires your car, truck or SUV needs. The most common type of tires that a large majority of vehicles use are summer tires. Summer tires are made from soft rubber with shallow grooves and minimal treads that are designed to make maximum contact with the road to prevent hydroplaning. Another popular kind of tires are all season tires that are made to be used all year round and provide you with stability in all types of weather conditions. There are also winter tires for drivers in snowy areas and off-road tires that are made from thick rubber and can handle rough terrain.

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