Learn About the Ford Edge's Useful Performance Features

Combining performance, safety features and a comfortable driving experience, the Ford Edge established itself as a popular mid-size SUV. Conserve fuel with the automatic start-and-stop feature and enjoy a smooth driving experience with adaptive steering.

Adaptive steering adjusts how much the front wheels turn based on your speed. If you’re moving slowly—for example, while reversing out of a parking space, this performance feature moves the wheels more while requiring you to rotate the wheel less. When you’re moving quickly on the highway, this feature offers enhanced control for superior safety. Conserve fuel without changing your driving habits, as the automatic start-and-stop feature turns the engine off while you’re completely stopped. Once you push the gas or let your foot off the brake, the engine turns off and the car moves without any delay.

The Ford Edge has many more useful performance features. Find out more about this great vehicle by stopping by Tracy Ford and chatting with a friendly salesperson.

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