Highway Safety in the Ford Taurus

The team here at Tracy Ford knows a great feature when we see one. That's why we're excited to show you around the Lane-Keeping system in the new Ford Taurus. This popular full-sized sedan is available with high-tech features that are designed to keep you alert and safe on the open highway.

The Lane-Keeping system is comprised of two features. The first is Lane-Keeping Alert. Sensors read the lines on the road as you drive. If you start to swerve into another lane, the steering wheel will vibrate to alert you. The sensation is similar to driving over rumble strips on the highway.

The second feature is Lane-Keeping Assist. It takes the protection up a notch. If you don't respond to the vibrations and correct yourself, the Taurus correct your steering for you. It applies like steering torque to get you back into your lane. These features work in any lighting condition.



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