The Ford EcoSport Can Store a Lot of Cargo

When consumers need a vehicle for a road trip, they browse through Ford's product line because this brand has dozens of popular automobiles with family features. The EcoSport is a fan-favorite car in dozens of communities. This guide highlights a few EcoSport features that many Ford fans appreciate.

When cargo is transported in a vehicle on rough roads, some items may shift and slide. The EcoSport has a practical solution to this problem, and it's called the Cargo Management System. Anyone who buys an EcoSport SE or higher will get this system. It includes sleek organizers for essential items and a cargo net that keeps unstable items secured. No matter if you purchase an EcoSport with or without the cargo system, its cabin will have plenty of storage space, and whenever additional space is needed, you could fold down the back seats.

If you stop by Tracy Ford, you can examine EcoSport's cargo system and the folding seats. You could also test the engine during a test drive.


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