The Ford Mustang has long been a popular sports car. Only very few drivers aren't yet familiar with the its sleek, muscular body and impressive overall performance. At Tracy Ford, we're excited to share details on some of the most innovative design features that this outstanding vehicle includes.

Heated And Ventilated Seating For Year-Round Comfort

The Ford Mustang has always been ahead of its time. Now, drivers and front passengers don't just have the benefit of heated seats; they can also enjoy innovative seat cooling technologies. This level of flexibility ensures that occupants can stay comfortable now matter how hot or cold the outside temperatures become.

Experience Enhanced Visibility And Aesthetics With LED Headlights

Ultra-modern LED headlights contribute to the Ford Mustang's sporty appearance. Beyond making the vehicle look great, however, these additions also offer significantly clearer nighttime vision. Come by Tracy Ford today to test drive the new Ford Mustang and to experience its cutting-edge design features firsthand.


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