Ford Super Duty Power Features: 7.3L OHV PFI Gas V8 Engine & Best-in-Class Horsepower and Torque

The Ford Super Duty is a popular heavy-duty pickup that we have available here on our lot, so today we would like to introduce you to this vehicle by highlighting and discussing a couple of its power features here today.

7.3L OHV PFI Gas V8

This V8 engine was built for heavy-duty work and hauling, commercial-grade durability, performance, and efficiency. This is a pushrod design of V8, which optimizes low-end torque. Variable-cam timing assists with optimizing its power for high-output. For durability, this engine also has a cast-iron block that has cross-bolted and four-bolt main bearings as well as a forged-steed crankshaft.

Best-in-Class Horsepower and Torque

The 7.3L OHV PFI V8 engine has 430 horsepower and 475lb-ft of torque, which has earned this vehicle the best-in-class for both features.

To test drive the powerful Ford Super Duty for yourself, stop by or contact us here at Tracy Ford today!


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