How many models are there of the Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus is one of the most prolific of cars on the general auto market today. Ford designers found means to enter into three different types of markets with the Ford Focus. The original sedan version morphed into the hatchback and the electric car.

Breaking the presence of the Focus down further reveals the diversity of the product. The Sedan comes in four trims: S, SE, SEL, and Titanium. The hatchback version of the Focus comes in five trims: SE, SEL, Titanium, ST, and RS. Added to the one trim of the Focus Electric, that makes ten trims under…

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Take a Look at These Smart Features in the Ford C-MAX

Looking for a fuel-efficient car? The compact hybrid Ford C-MAX may be just what you need. It has available park assist, which will help you fit into those tight city parking spats that require precision parallel parking. Just engage the feature and follow its directions.

When it is misting, sprinkling or rainy, the rain-sensing wipers have you covered. 

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Learn About the Ford Edge's Useful Performance Features

Combining performance, safety features and a comfortable driving experience, the Ford Edge established itself as a popular mid-size SUV. Conserve fuel with the automatic start-and-stop feature and enjoy a smooth driving experience with adaptive steering.

Adaptive steering adjusts how much the front wheels turn based on your speed. If you’re moving slowly—for example, while reversing out of a parking space, this performance feature moves the wheels more while requiring you to rotate the wheel less. 

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What Roads Will You Take in Your Fusion Hybrid?

Life is full of choices, and when you’re choosing a new vehicle, picking the right one can be an important choice to make. Sometimes the number of options can be overwhelming, and our team here at Tracy Ford can help make the process easier.

The 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid is a popular hybrid sedan designed to give a personalized style for the drive ahead. The projector headlamps not only add to the Fusion Hybrid’s stylish exterior, but also help light up more of the road ahead. 


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The 2018 Ford Focus ST Technology Features are Leading the Way

We are convinced that technology has changed our lives for the better, and the 2018 Ford Focus St is changing with the times. Starting at an affordable price, this beautifully crafted compact performance hatchback is exuding a wonderful presence.

The 2018 Ford Focus ST is a real present for the holidays because it is equipped with an intelligent Push-Start Button that does not require the keyfob to be inserted into the vehicle. All signals are sent wirelessly. 

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Get Ready for Your Summer Road Trip

Properly Prepare Your Car for a Summer Road Trip

When it comes time for a summer vacation, chances are, a road trip may be your plan. And for good reason, nothing beats the experiences and memories you can make on the road with friends or family.

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The Ford Ranger is Back

2019 Ford Ranger, Torture Test

When it comes to Ford, being Built Ford Tough is more than just a motto, it’s something they prove. That means pushing all of their cars to the absolute limit, including the Ford Ranger.


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